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The staff of Resinous Flooring Supply Arkansas Little Rock has decades of combined experience in choosing and applying floor coatings to accomplish various goals. We offer a complete selection of industrial epoxy floor coatings to protect your floors and prevent damage from many different factors, from heat to caustic chemical spills. It’s crucial to have a smooth, strong floor you can trust in your industrial facility, and our epoxy floor coatings and experienced contractors can help you ensure your industrial flooring is all of those things.

Benefits of Industrial Floor Coatings for Your Project

Industrial floor coatings have many benefits for industries, from animal care to manufacturing. It ensures your floor will last much longer than it would without the durable protective coating. The best industrial epoxy floor coating will protect your concrete floors against heat, changing temperatures, scratches, heavy machinery, foot traffic, mold, and bacteria. When you can’t allow your concrete floors to crack under pressure, turn to Resinous Flooring Supply Arkansas for industrial-grade epoxy floor coatings.

Different Types of Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings

Concrete is a long-lasting material, but its nature means it has some weaknesses. It is porous, which can lead to efflorescence, weakening of the material, dusting, and chipping. There are several solutions to prevent these issues: you can polish the concrete, or you can apply a coating. Concrete floor coatings can make the floor waterproof and bacteria-resistant and increase its aesthetic appeal.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

In its hardened state, epoxy is a very strong and long-lasting substance, having transformed from a liquid or soft solid. Even though it’s just a few hundredths of an inch thick, the epoxy coating may greatly increase the longevity of the concrete. Mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, and power washing may be used to clean epoxy floors efficiently with little danger of damaging the surface. Epoxy is often used when visual appeal is important since it may be purchased in various colors. It hides flaws in the floor and boosts reflection, resulting in warmer lighting and a more professional appearance.

Urethane and Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane flooring is a long-lasting resin flooring technology, much like epoxy. It works well in places with a lot of traffic from large vehicles and machinery and many physical impacts. The initial cost of polyurethane is more than that of epoxy, but it may be less expensive in the long term. With proper care, its useful life lifetime may exceed that of epoxy by a factor of two. Some industries might benefit from its increased resistance to organic acids, alkalis, and solvents. Polyurethane flooring also has better thermal shock resistance than epoxy flooring.

Industrial Floor Coatings for Resinous Flooring Supply Arkansas

Contractors have plenty to choose from at Resinous Flooring Supply Arkansas when they are looking for industrial floor coatings. Our floor coatings have been used in almost every industry, from cannabis facilities, food service, and schools, to auto repair shops and heavy industrial facilities. Our PRECISE™ line of floor coatings also uniquely suits industrial floor applications. It provides a long-lasting finish with high resistance to abrasion, chemical exposure, and other harsh conditions in many colors.

Resinous Flooring Supply Arkansas Industrial Floor Coating Products & Systems


PRECISE™ Chroma is an epoxy coating available in gloss, matte, and satin with a uniform hue throughout. It has an epoxy base coat in the desired hue and a protective clear coat on top. This two-component epoxy will harden and seal the concrete under your feet, making it impervious to chemicals and wear.


PRECISE™ Flake epoxy flakes combine with epoxy coatings to produce stunning residential and commercial concrete floors. These acrylic and vinyl chips are disseminated onto an epoxy base coat to cover the whole floor. The end result is a smooth covering with a terrazzo-like look that is extremely durable.


PRECISE™ Quartz is an epoxy flooring system with a beautiful finish. It comprises 100 percent solid, double-broadcast epoxy, quartz aggregates, and a protective top coat. This flooring is a fluid-applied 18″ – 14″ system with colored quartz grains implanted and fused between two layers. It is extremely resistant to abrasion, solvents, and wear. 

PRECISE™ Radiance

PRECISE™ Radiance epoxy flooring combines fine metallic pigments with transparent 100% solid epoxy. A priming coat, a metallic epoxy base coat, and an optional clear top coat are all required. Choose a pigment color from our extensive palette or blend our available colors to create your own color combination. The completed floor is smooth and glassy, with a pearlescent 3D impression. When PRECISE™ Radiance is combined with your imagination, the possibilities are unlimited.


EDGEMORE™ Metro is a 2-3 coat pigmented concrete overlay that may be magic-troweled or broom-finished for interior and outdoor use. Choose from various hues, subtle to vivid, in our Metro line. These hues are completely UV stable and fade-resistant. Use colorants liberally or sparingly, depending on how you want your flooring to look. With our high-quality concrete floor supply, draw attention to your floors by giving them a facelift.


EDGEMORE™ Primo is a polished concrete layer with a micro-topping for coloring with acid or dye. This concrete floor solution is intended for two micro-topping treatments that mimic the appearance of marble or tile. If you pick an acid-stained slab, you should anticipate an etched surface in various earthy tones. Add a stamped design to simulate polished wood, natural stone, tanned leather, or other materials. Concrete dyes, however, work best for bright and unusual colors with layered and varied effects.


EDGEMORE™ Loft is a pre-pigmented seamless trowel-grade concrete overlay with inherent color. This product has been developed to be stain-free. As a result, the floor color you apply with the trowel coat is the completed color. The EDGEMORE™ Loft may be customized to seem like tile or marble using two micro-topping treatments. This long-lasting concrete flooring supplier is ideal for both residential and commercial operations.


EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel is a popular concrete overlay that looks like slate, worn stone, or ceramic tile but costs a fraction of the price. It comes with a hand-troweled topcoat that may be stained with three to four coats of water-based stain. You may also use integral coloring, stenciling, and other techniques to generate a distinctive style.

Features of Resinous Flooring Supply Arkansas Industrial Flooring Products & Systems

  • Since PRECISE™ Chroma is a solid at room temperature, the thickness you apply it at is the thickness you’ll end up with after it dries. Your floor maintains a continuous, consistent hue. The shine of your floors will last for years to come, thanks to this flooring treatment that comes in a convenient package.
  • PRECISE™ Flake, unlike traditional flooring materials, comes in various colors, chip sizes, textures, mixes, and customization choices to let you personalize any area.
  • Our PRECISE™ Quartz flooring solution is engineered for maximum performance and longevity. We have an infinite number of color options to fit your décor.
  • The textured finish of the EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel provides excellent slip resistance. This concrete floor supply is frequently used for repairing and restoring cracked, delaminated, or worn concrete floors.
  • PRECISE™ Radiance epoxy floors can be designed to look like lava lamps, marble, or lightning strikes, among other things. Highly durable floors developed for performance
  • Resistant to staining, solvents, scratches, and spillage
  • Non-slip floor; the grip may be improved by putting chemicals in the top coat
  • Produces a smooth, sanitary surface with no nooks or crevices for mold or bacterial development

Applications of Resinous Flooring Supply Arkansas Industrial Floor Coating Systems

Manufacturing Facility Floor Coatings

Improve the life span of the floor and prevent machinery from gouging or cracking the floor

Automotive Facilities Floor Coatings

Protect the floor from being soiled and stained by substances and prevent dings and scratches

Healthcare Floor Coatings

Industrial floor coatings can be non-porous, antimicrobial, and mold-resistant. They are also easy to clean and sanitize.

Warehouse and Distribution Facility Floor Coatings

Keep your floors in great shape no matter how much foot traffic or heavy machinery it sees daily

Assembly Plant Floor Coatings

Prevent dust from unsealed concrete floors from getting in delicate machinery by coating and protecting the concrete floor

Public & Municipality Floor Coating

Increase the beauty of concrete floors with many color and finish options while protecting them from wear

Breweries and Wineries Floor Coatings

Make stained floors a thing of the past with easy-cleaning floor coatings

Airplane Hangars Floor Coating

High resistance to abrasion, chemical exposure, and other harsh conditions.

Fire & Rescue Floor Coating

Suitable for garage floors and auto care while easy to clean for busy first responders

Food & Beverage Floor Coating

Save time and money by adding a high-quality floor coating to your food service building. No seams to pull up and become trip hazards and no porousness for bacteria and microbes to burrow into.

Grocery Floor Coating

Easy-to-clean and antimicrobial coatings increase the ease of sanitization and prevent employees and clients from getting sick.

Resinous Flooring Supply Arkansas Industrial Flooring Services in Arkansas

Industrial Floor Coatings

Easy to install with outstanding, long-lasting results your clients will rave over

Industrial Garage Flooring

Attractive and strong floor coatings for your fleet’s home base

Industrial Floor Installation

Increased safety with non-slip micro-toppings or aggregates

Industrial Floor Repair

Smooth over gouges and snags with a spot application

Industrial Floor Resurfacing

Prolong the life of aging concrete by years with a concrete floor coating

Industrial Floor Maintenance

Keep your floors going strong with another coat of industrial epoxy floor coating

Industrial Flooring Service Areas

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