EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel – Concrete Overlay for Water-Based Staining

EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel is a popular concrete overlay that has the appearance of slate, worn stone, or ceramic tile but costs a fraction of the price. It comes with a hand-troweled topcoat that may be stained with three to four coats of water-based stain. You may also use integral coloring, stenciling, and other techniques to generate a distinctive style. The textured finish of the EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel provides excellent slip resistance. This concrete floor supply is frequently used for repairing and restoring cracked, delaminated, or worn concrete floors.

Benefits & Attributes

  • Hand-troweling allows for endless design possibilities and color and pattern versatility. 
  • Create unique patterns by using EDGEMORE™ Slate trowel overlay in conjunction with stains, stencils, integral colors, fiber tape, and so on. 
  • The textured decorative finish can simulate natural stone, tile, and so on.
  • Commonly used in wet areas due to the product’s slip-resistant properties
  • Can be utilized to enhance both indoor and exterior concrete surfaces.
  • An affordable and beautiful solution to restore old and damaged concrete without the cost and delay of ripping out and rebuilding concrete slabs
  • Concrete flooring that has been hand-troweled and tinted is extremely resilient and can bear heavy foot activity without breaking.
  • Should be used on a ready-made substrate.

Where to Use EDGEMORE Slate™

  • Driveways
  • Entrances
  • Parking Garages
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways


How to Install

1. Apply Bond Coat

  • You must apply two bond coats for EDGEMORE™ Slate trowel floors. For finished colors, you may choose from light or dark brown, light or dark pecan, light or dark loft gray, or light or dark limestone. 
  • The first color of the bond coat must be the color you want the grout to be. The bond coat ratio will fluctuate depending on the manufacturer. Our bond coat ratio is between 250 and 300 sq. 1 foot. per bag.
  • Add the appropriate amount of water to a mixing container, mix in the selected colorant, and then add and mix the overlay. A damp floor should be used to apply the bond coat. Use a rub brick to sand down any high spots before applying the second coat.
  • Once you’ve applied two bond coats, you may apply a pattern or move on to the slate trowel application. 

2. Pattern Application

  • Determine the grout size as well as the desired size and form of the design. Grout sizes range from 1/4″ to 3/8″, 1/2″ to 3/4″, and 1″.
  • Install the correct size fiber tape to get the desired pattern. Before applying the top coat of the overlay, ensure that this pattern is exactly what you or your customer are looking for.
  • Before applying the top layer of overlay, use something like a wallpaper roller to ensure that all fiber tape is firmly down and secure.

3. Slate Trowel Top Coat Application

  • The average slate trowel covering rate is 125-135 square feet per bag.
  • Our guideline is to add one ounce of the chosen completed project colorant per bag of slate trowel mix. For example, if the intended appearance for the finished project is EDGEMORE™ Brown Dark, the installer would use one ounce of this colorant per bag of overlay blended.
  • On hot outside days, lightly spray the surface ahead of where the product will be applied. On chilly days, apply the product on a dry surface.
  • In a mixing container, combine the proper amount of water and colorant. When the product is ready to use, pour out two portions the size of two basketballs onto the surface.
  • Spread the product evenly with a magic trowel or steel trowel to completely cover the fiber-tape pattern. After the fiber tape has been evenly coated, return to the material with a steel trowel and apply the desired texture. Continue in this manner until the entire project is finished.

4. Stain Slate Troweled Overlay

  • Before you begin staining, make sure that any high locations or little things on the floor that require the use of rub brick have been rub-bricked.
  • In a mixing container, thoroughly combine the required amount of water, chosen colorant, and neutral-based carrier.
    • First Stain Coat: ¾ ounces of colorant per mixed gallon of stain
    • Second Stain Coat: ½ ounce of colorant per mixed gallon of stain
    • Third Stain Coat: Same as the second coat, as needed
    • Fourth Stain Coat: Take existing water and neutral base carrier, double the amount of water in the existing mix, and add ¼ ounce of charcoal per mixed gallon of stain.
  • To ensure that the stain is applied consistently, we recommend using a misting tip. The idea is to coat the trowel coat evenly, but not so much that the stain pools. All staining coatings are sprayed using the same method.

5. Finishing the Floor

We recommend just using the following coatings to seal the floor:

  • A sealer that is water-based
  • Acrylics based on solvents

Other sealers can be utilized if this floor is being installed on an inside slab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel overlay is suitable for both ancient and modern buildings. In reality, it is a very cost-effective method of repairing and rebuilding damaged concrete. Once completed, your old concrete floors will have the appearance of slate in whatever design you like.

To achieve the finest results with EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel concrete flooring supplier, wait until the building or construction area has dried in. Before applying the overlay mix, make sure the substrate is clean.

Slate troweled floors are simple to keep clean. Sweeping and mopping on a regular basis may keep the floor appearing new.

Troweled flooring provides a handmade appearance. The artistry of the installer deserves the most of the credit. Because of the irregularities and rough textured impression of a hand-troweled floor, stains respond unevenly, generating mottled or marbled effects that contribute to the beauty of the floor. A hand trowel allows you to create a variety of effects, from solid monotone surfaces to the look of marble or any stone with different colors combined in a random pattern.

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